As the parents of the older children will know, this term Forest School has come to Seer Green Pre-School! The Forest School approach provides unique opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in a woodland environment. The children have been divided into 2 groups, the first group finished their 5 sessions before half term and the other group will now have their 5 sessions. We are led by a Forest-School- trained leader.


Each week children are offered a variety of planned activities, but can spend the time playing and exploring the environment. These are some of the things the children have been doing:

  • Learning how to keep safe in the woods
  • Playing “One, Two, Three, where are you?”
  • Digging, making mud and painting trees with mud or water
  • Collecting sticks for the camp fire
  • Toasting marshmallows and watching popcorn being cooked over the fire
  • Creating sparks by rubbing flints together
  • Playing on the rope swing
  • Looking for worms and bugs
  • Climbing trees (but only to adult shoulder-height)
  • Creating things from natural resources (such as stick men and rainbow sticks)
  • Playing with piles of dead leaves and throwing them in the air with a tarpaulin


The children have loved this unique experience and have learned new skills and knowledge, whilst many of them have gained a new confidence in their own capabilities. Forest School is definitely proving to be a really positive addition to our curriculum.