Week Commencing: 28th November – 2nd December 2016

Sound: J.      Number: 10
Colour: Lilac.   Shape: Oval

Continuing with our preparations for Christmas, the children will be given the opportunity to make some more decorations. This week, we will be focusing on hanging decorations such as paper chains.
The children thoroughly enjoyed making their tree decorations last week….. the glitter explosion in Pre-School was marvellous!! And we are sure they will enjoy making different ones this week.

Towards the end of the week, our beautiful tree will be going up in the quiet room. Each and every child will be given the opportunity to help decorate it and it is always totally their own work.

Thursday will mark the beginning of December and some of the children have been working on a special Christmas advent  calendar that will be on our display board. One picture will be turned over each day, relating to the Nativity. Please do look out for it.