Our  children have all settled back in nicely to Pre-School and we have enjoyed meeting our lovely new families. A big welcome to all.

This half term, we have been exploring Water. The children have enjoyed engaging in a variety of activities, learning all about the various uses and importance of water as they have done so. We looked at various bodies of water, for example sea, river, pond and each child had the chance to sort some animals into the water they lived. We even had a rock pool and it was great to observe the children placing a crab in there. See picture below of the different areas of water we looked at.


We had a very interesting week exploring water experiments. The children ‘predicted’ what would happen to certain items when placed in water… would they sink or float? What happens when we put a ‘sinking’ item on a ‘floating’ item.(?) Ask your children if they can remember. We poured water on slopes and through funnels etc. It was fascinating to see the result.

Please click on the links below to view some of our water experiments.

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The children also had the chance to experiment with paints and water mixed together and observe the effect when squirted onto paper.  








The following week came with ‘Weather’. We left a tub outside to see how much rain we could catch. This opened a conversation about recycling water. We talked about how we can reuse that water once it has built up. All of the children had the opportunity to make their very own rain stick. At the end of the week, we all played our rain sticks together and collectively it sounded just like pouring rain! Both groups also went on to the garden and jumped in a muddy puddle. It was so much fun!

Please clicks on the link below to view a  couple of examples of our muddy puddle fun

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We chose to discuss with the children, their right to clean water. The UNCRC is something that we, as a Pre-School are passionate about and we like to find ways to incorporate this into our every day learning. Each child had the opportunity to create their very own special cup. Once they were done, they looked very effective.

We investigated various water vehicles with the children. Each child made a boat and at the end of the week, they all got to test their boats together as a large group. As the boats floated across the water, we all sang ‘Row, Row, Row your Boat’







In our final week, we looked at water being used to wash things. We created a car wash outside in the garden and the children loved having a go at washing the cars and the vehicles.
















There were lots of toys out that needed washing. They were left out with water and cloths for the children to use. We had Music and movement sessions involving getting very muddy in the puddles and then washing our dirty bodies. Ask your child to teach you the body washing song!






Some of our children have helped to create this beautiful Autumn display for us. They discussed what we see during this season and then projected it onto the wall.




We hope that you all have a wonderful half term break and we look forward to resuming play on Monday 29th October.