Staff Profile

My name is: Katharine

My qualifications are: BA Hons in Greek & Latin.

When I started at Seer Green Pre-School: September 2009

My family is made up of: Me, my husband Richard and our daughters Haley and Megan who both came to Seer Green Pre-School!

When I eat out I like to go to: The Jolly Cricketers or for a Chinese meal

When I watch TV I like to watch: Crime films or BBC period dramas but never sport except Wimbledon

My favourite holiday destination is: Greece, as I lived there for 4 years and met my husband there

My favourite time of the year is: Summer (or any days with blue sky)

In my free time I like to: walk, cook, read and watch someone else do the gardening

What I like about working at Seer Green Pre-School is: the fantastic staff who are always positive, the friendly parents, and those children…. it’s true, they say the funniest things!