What you need to know!

We recommend that all new parents read our New Starter Handbook and our full policies  (available here). We have included some of the key day-to-day procedures below.

Parents may also find the following PDF guide to the Early Years Foundation Stage – the UK Curriculum for ages 5 and under. It includes a summary of what you can expect and ideas of how to support your child’s learning: What to expect, when – guide for parents


  • No fancy dress please
  • Please provide a spare (named) set of clothes in a bag on their peg
  • Wear clothes that don’t matter if they get dirty! Messy play is always popular.
  • Clothes they can take on and off easily themselves are a real help when children start to use the toilet/potty independently (although staff are always on hand to help where needed)
  • Shoes: If they arrive in wellies please bring another pair of shoes for them to wear inside at Pre-School
  • Rainy days: We have a good selection of wellies here but you are welcome to provide your own (labelled) wellies if you prefer
  • Summer: Please provide sun hats and please apply sun cream before they arrive
  • Winter: Woolly hats and gloves are recommended on cold days

Illness Procedure

If your child is unwell, please let the pre-school know by 8.30am, if they are due to attend a morning session or by 12pm if it’s an afternoon session. Please avoid calling during peak times if possible (8.50 – 9.00, 11.50 – 12.20, 15.10 – 15.20).

Please advise staff as soon as possible if a child is suffering from any infectious disease such as chicken pox.

Please allow a 48 hour period after any symptoms of sickness and/or diarrhoea have ceased before your child returns to pre-school. We kindly ask that you follow this procedure and do not get offended when we turn your child away if they try and return before this! It is not that we are trying to be awkward, but merely prevent the spread of any nasty infections.

Holiday Procedure

If you are planning a holiday during term time, please complete a holiday form available on the Parents’ Board outside of the Pre-School and give it to one of the staff. This enables us to plan activities and discussions around your holiday with your child as well as to ensure we know why your child has not turned up to Pre-School (and we do not give his or her place away!)

Collection Procedure

Parents/carers must inform staff personally if their child is being collected by someone other than themselves.  This information will be recorded in the Daily Record Book.

If the person collecting your child is not known to the Pre-School staff, they will need to use a ‘password’, given to the staff in advance either verbally or in writing, and used by the person when they arrive to collect the child. We would advise you to change the password for each new occasion.

If parents/carers set up a regular arrangement with someone to collect the child e.g. a childminder, a form giving permission for this type of arrangement is available.

Parents/carers can ring the pre-school to inform us of an unexpected change in the arrangements for the collection of their child. Staff will note this in the Daily Book.

A verbal message from a friend is not acceptable and staff will be obliged to follow this up with a phone call to the parent.

If a parent does not turn up to collect a child, the staff will:

  1. Try home telephone/mobile number of parent or carer
  2. Try business numbers of parents
  3. Try emergency numbers given by parents

The child attending morning or afternoon sessions Monday to Friday will be cared for by Pre-School staff for up to an hour after their session has finished. After hours, a minimum of two staff will care for the uncollected child.

Should the parent/carer not contact the Pre-School or arrive by these times, the procedures taken are available to read in the Pre-School.