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Highlights from the last half term

Another half term has drawn to a close  and it has been full of fun and games!

half termly theme:- The children have all had a wonderful half term, exploring their senses. We focused on a different sense each week, engaging in various activities to enhance their awareness of each.

Hearing:- In small groups, the children each went outside into the garden to listen to various sounds they could hear. They had a check list that they ticked off when they heard certain things. We played different musical instruments and explored how we could make the sounds change.

Sight:- The children all had the chance to make their very own  water shaker. They chose from a variety of colours, glitters and sand to put in their bottles. They looked so lovely and effective! Our Home-Corner was transformed into an opticians and it was wonderful to hear the different imaginary games going on in there! Some children spent the majority of the session wearing glasses.








Smell:- Each child had the opportunity to make a Lavender bag. They looked so pretty and the smell of Lavender filled the room for the week!


Taste:- We discussed with the children what their favourite foods are. The home-corner became a cafe, serving lots of yummy pretend foods. For our 1:1 activity, the children had the chance to taste a variety of foods. There was much to choose from, including Marmite, fruits, bagels, and more.


Touch:- The children had a wonderful time making their own sensory balloon. Some filled theirs with sand, some with gloop, some with rice. They were very effective. We played various games involving touch. These included a special ‘Roll the ball’ game, with different textured balls, feeling items in a bag and experiencing and discussing different textures.

                   *                        *                        *                          *                        *

Forest School:- This half term saw the first group of older Friday children experience Forest School. It has been lovely for them to be engaging with the outdoors and the woods area. They made various items to take home and ended with a camp fire! The other group, in the meantime had great fun going over to the school for play times, experiencing a playground environment. They also had their trip to Sunrise Residential home. The children and the residents engaged in games, activities, singing and some lovely conversations. Next half term, the groups will switch.

Butterflies:- Exciting times in Pre-School this half term with our very own butterflies. Some very tiny caterpillars arrived one day and over the next couple of weeks the children were excited to be measuring them. We talked about the story of ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ and waited with great excitement to see what would happen.

As a group, we transferred the Caterpillars chrysalis’ into the butterfly net. Once they came out, we then released them into the wild….. not before naming them and waiving ‘Bye Bye’ to them! We had some wonderful names, including Chase, Sonic and flutter. (To name just a few)

Below is a video of the butterflies being released.




We look forward to another fun filled half term With lots of exciting things going on!