“My eldest son has attended the Pre-School since he was 2 1/2, he is now 4 and we are all so happy with it. He has progressed so much in that time, his confidence has grown and I put a lot of it down to the nurturing and developmental support he has been given at Seer Green Pre-School. He has built great relationships with the teachers and children and now has great mates! (As do I with a lot of the mums!) The Pre-School staff are brilliant, the majority of them are mums themselves and are so warm, friendly, welcoming and kind to the children which at this age is so important. He is learning loads; in terms of building his personality, building friendships, and academically…his maths and writing are coming along really well.

The Pre-School really care about him and I feel like he is in great hands. The outdoor space is also a big bonus. The Pre-School is a charity and they are constantly putting back into the Pre-School.

We would highly recommend sending your child or children.