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We understand how difficult it can be for parents to choose the right childcare for their children. Our role is to support you and your child, and we hope our website provides insight into the individual approach we take with every child, and we would certainly welcome meeting with you to enable you to see our fantastic setting (and to get to know the staff – please do get in touch with us to do this.

Once you have decided to register with us, the process is simple and focused on supporting you and your child.

  • To join us, please complete the admissions forms on our web page.
  • These can be done electronically, or printed and filled in, and then returned to us.
  • If you need any assistance, please get in touch.
  • Please take a read through our Admissions Policy, to understand how our admissions process works.
  • This, along with our other policies, should answer any questions you might have.
  • If not, please get in touch.
Understanding the world
  • Our new starter booklet contains a wealth of information to support you and your child.
  • In particular, there is a section on preparing your child to start Pre-School (Section 8).
  • To obtain a hard copy, rather than electronic, please get in touch.
  • Prior to joining, you will be offered a stay and play session.
  • Children then settle in, with staggered start dates, to give each child the focus they need.
  • Finally, each child is given a dedicated key person to support them (see below).

Communication and the Key Person System

All children have a lead key person and another named key person, to ensure continuity of relationship regardless of their days attended, staff illness or other situations where one member of staff cannot be present (staff training for instance).

Whilst your child will get to know all the staff well, they will have a special relationship with their key person who particularly looks out for them ensuring they are happy and secure at Pre-School.  This key person also becomes a parent’s best point of contact. They track your child’s development, keep you regularly informed of their progress and speak to you at the annual parents’ evenings.

You will also be given an Observation Book when your child starts, which you can use to communicate with your child’s key person in case you don’t get a chance to see them in person and to share in your child’s learning progress. We are interested in knowing: what they did at the weekend, a new toy they love, a new skill they’ve learnt at home or anything else you’d like to tell us about.  Additionally, you will have access to an individual, online account (Tapestry) to highlight your child's progress and activities,