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Spring 2017 – First Half Term

It’s been a lovely start to the new year at Pre-School and we have all had a lovely time. We have had some lovely new children and some lovely new parents join us, so a huge warm welcome to you.

We started the year by giving the children the opportunity to decide what our theme would be. They each had a bean bag and they voted on their choice by putting their bean bag in a bowl next to the theme of their choice. The options were: transport, dinosaurs and of course Nursery Rhymes. It was fairly unanimous with the majority choosing Nursery Rhymes.
Here is our display board, depicting the theme, all made by your little artists themselves:

The sub themes were: traditional rhymes, animal rhymes, action rhymes and number rhymes.

Towards the beginning of the half term we celebrated ‘Chinese New Year’ with the children. We were extremely lucky to have Joyce Church come in on the Friday and talk to the children about the history behind it and the traditions and customs. It was highly interesting and all of the children were very engaged with this. A huge thank you to Joyce for donating her time and for the lovely activities she provided for the children. Here is our Home Corner which we turned into a Chinese Restaurant. It was lovely to listen to the children’s role play in there!




We were also very happy to have some of our lovely mummies come in and bake with the children. They made some delicious looking biscuits!! Thank you so much to you all!

We have had a range of activities for the children. Finishing with some lovely bright, sparkly music shakers that they made in the last week. How many of you have been enjoying those fabulous musical tones this weekend?!.

Wishing you all a wonderful half term break and we are very much looking forward to welcoming you all back on Monday 20th Feb.

Week Commencing: 6th February

Sound: P.     Number: 4
Colour:   Purple     Shape: square

In our final week before the half term break, we will be continuing our Nursery rhyme theme and this week talking about Number rhymes. The children can have a turn at being a ‘Currant Bun’ or a ‘Speckled Frog’ or a ‘Cheeky Monkey’. There are so many to choose from……

Each child will have the opportunity to make a shaker to sing their nursery rhymes with. This will be using plastic bottles and pasta and rice or a variety of beans etc. We can then use them as a group to create some lovely music!!

Week Commencing: 30th January

Sound: O.   Number: 3
Shape:  heart    Colour: orange

This week at Pre-School we will be focusing on Action rhymes with the children. There are lots to get them moving…. ‘wind the bobbin up’ ‘heads, shoulders, knees and toes’ ‘one finger one thumb’ and many more!

We are very lucky to have some of our lovely mummies come to help the children cook some delicious treats. We are very much looking forward to seeing the result!!

Week Commencing: 23rd January

Sound: N.      number: 2
Colour: yellow         Shape: triangle

This week we will be talking to the children about Chinese New Year. To coincide with our nursery theme this week, our sub topic will be ‘Animal’ Rhymes.

We will be singing a variety of rhymes involving animals….
3 Blind Mice, Hickory Dickory Dock, Incey Wincey Spider and many more…

The children will all have a chance to make an animal mask. They can choose which animal from the Chinese New Year story they would like to make. I wonder what they will choose?!

Towards the end of the week, the children will have the opportunity to eat some prawn crackers for their snack….. yummy!! Our home corner will be transformed into a lovely Chinese take away, giving the children the opportunity to expand their lovely expanding role play imaginations!

Week Commencing: 16th January

Number: 1.   Sound: M
Shape: Rectangle. Colour: Blue

Last week the children all voted for our theme for this half term. They chose ‘Nursery Rhymes’ .
So this week, we will be focusing on ‘traditional Nursery Rhymes’. We will be singing many songs such as Humpty Dumpty, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Baa Baa black sheep, Jack and Jill and many more.

All of the children will have the opportunity to make a calendar for this year. I wonder who will be sitting on top of the wall…..
We will be engaging in many activities relating to our theme and reading some lovely traditional nursery stories too.

Humpty Dumpty

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