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Spring Term 2017 – Highlights

And so another fun filled half term draws to a close!….
The children engaged in a variety of adult led activities. They really enjoyed making their letters and pictures to post home! I wonder how they felt when they received them.
The little Chicks the children made were a success and we hope you all enjoyed your Mothers Day surprises! ❤
The children all had the opportunity to make an Easter card at the end of term. It was lovely to see the variety of creations they made.


The most exciting part of this half term was the Chicks. They arrived in an incubator and were kept in the quiet room. The Chicks then grew and grew and one morning we could hear they were ready….

Below is a video of them still in the eggs, but you can hear them chirping whilst inside! Very sweet!

Chicks: video of the eggs chirping before hatching

The next day they began to hatch and within 24 hours we had 7 little Chicks!

The children then named them…..
Carlet, Sunny, Lily, Ted, Rose, Chickie and Patrick (as they were born on St.Patrick’s day!).

The Chicks stayed  with us for a further 2 weeks before returning to the farm. The children were very careful and respectful of the Chicks.

We were very fortunate to have 2 of our lovely parents come in to talk to the children about how they transport their babies. We looked at buggies, varieties of slings, car seats,   And rucksacks. The children were totally absorbed in this and loved joining in with little stories of their own. A huge thank you to Matt and Jo for donating their time to do this.

The children also loved joining in with cooking. They each made 2 Easter Nests…. and I bet they thoroughly enjoyed eating them! They looked delicious!! Thank you so much to Laura K, Laura L and Jen for organising this and making their yummy creations with them.

Midway through the half term we had our celebration for our Ofsted result. A very fun time was had by all! Oscar, once again was a huge success! And our tummies were full up after eating those delicious cakes. A massive Thank You (!!) to everyone involved in putting this event together. The hall looked beautiful and everyone had such a lovely time! We even made the papers!!!……

Our display board this half term was given a little Easter make over. Humpty was joined by some spring animals. All of the Chicks were made by some of the Friday children. Aren’t they wonderful?! As are all of the pictures created especially for our board.

Finally, The last Friday was a busy and exciting one. Firstly it saw our ‘no water day’. This meant that the children did not have access to any water inside the Pre-School. Up on the top field we had 3 very large buckets of water and a carton of drinking water. If the children needed water for washing hands, using the toilet or anything else, they had to take a bucket up to the top field and fill it with water to bring back down and use. They did the same for drinking water, taking up a cup to fill. This highlighted their right to water (UNCRC  – All children have the  right to clean water)
The second exciting part of Friday was Claire Jenkin coming in to talk to the children about chocolate. Yummy!! She told the children all about cocoa, where it comes from and how we then turn it into chocolate. Thank you very much Claire, it was very interesting!

Wishing you all a very happy Easter break!! And we look forward to seeing you all again when Pre-School resumes on Wednesday 19th April