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We have an exciting new resource, purchased out of fundraising money, called a Cubetto,
which we will be introducing to the children (and staff!) this term, initially on a Friday. The
Cubetto is a simple wooden robot which helps children learn how to code, without the need
for a computer screen.

This unique toy provides opportunities for children to experience ‘computational thinking’
(the new “buzz word” in Early Years), which is all about problem-solving by breaking down
tasks into a logical sequence of steps to reach an objective. The Cubetto is instructed to
move by placing little plastic blocks, which represent actions, into a board to form a
sequence of specific instructions, which are then sent to the Cubetto. Different mats, made
up of coloured squares, provide different environments for the children to navigate the
cubetto around, supported by specially-written storybooks to add to the experience.